Forum “Building beautiful friendships - Say no violence in school”

22/09/2020 09:25 Số lượt xem: 37

(BNP) - On September 21, at Hoang Hoa Tham Primary and Secondary School, Bac Ninh City, Provincial Youth Union in coordination with Department of Education and Training held a Forum "Building beautiful friendships - say no violence in school” in 2020.


At the Forum, nearly 500 students of Hoang Hoa Tham Primary and Secondary School learned experiences in building beautiful friendships; current situation and causes of school violence, the consequences of violence at school; solutions to limit school violence, how to handle situations when facing school violence… from speakers of the National Center for Youth Activities; In addition, students also participated in collective activities and learned skills on prevention of abuse and injury...

The forum aims to educate the ethics, cultural lifestyles and prevent school violence among students to help students to raise awareness of the value of friendship as well as clearly define your own responsibilities in friendships and the important meaning of friendship for each individual's character formation, thereby, contributing to building a healthy school culture and actively participating in fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education and training.