More than VND 6.3 billion invested to produce TV drama Dinh Bang Guerrilla Youth Team (Doi thieu nien Du kich Dinh Bang)

21/08/2020 13:46 Số lượt xem: 27

(BNP) - Provincial People's Committee has issued Decision No. 1121/QD-UBND ON approving the result of selecting contractor to produce TV drama “Dinh Bang Guerrilla Youth Team”.

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The TV drama Dinh Bang Guerrilla Youth Team will be produced by IDE Investment and Communication Company Limited with Full HD File material, including 05 episodes, each episode 45 minutes. The total implementation cost is over VND 6.3 billion from the State budget.

The film aims to faithfully and vividly represent the historical situation of the resistance war against the French colonialism and the process of fighting for national independence under the leadership of the Party as well as build a typical individual and collective’s image of Dinh Bang guerrilla youth team, representing the youth of Vietnam and the people in the struggle for national independence and unification. Through the film, it aims to educate the revolutionary and patriotic traditions of Bac Ninh - Kinh Bac homeland for all strata of the people, especially the young generation.

The Provincial People's Committee assigned Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to negotiate and sign a contract with IDE Communication and Investment Co., Ltd. in accordance with regulations; take reasonable measures, save at least 1.0% of the bidding package price and ensure the quality according to the approved requirements.