Nearly 2,000 enterprises registered new establishment

14/11/2019 14:39 Số lượt xem: 131

(BNP) - According to Department of Planning and Investment, in 10 months of 2019, the province has granted business registration certificates to 1,973 enterprises with total registered capital of more than VND 18,742 billion. In particular, the rate of online business registration documents reached 60.08%, ranking the 9th in nationwide.

Producing garments of Thuan Thanh International Fashion Joint Stock Company.

The province granted the registration to establish branches, representative offices and business locations for 580 subordinate units. 169 enterprises and 139 subordinate units were dissolved; 482 enterprises and 50 subordinate units were temporarily suspended; 339 enterprises and 13 subordinate units were operated again.

In October, 239 enterprises newly established with a total registered capital of over VND 2,118 billion; set up 55 branches, representative Offices and business locations.

Until now, there are 15,825 enterprises in operation with a total registered capital of over VND 235,858 billion. Among which, 530 private enterprises; 8,494 one member Company limited; 4,454 limited liability company with two or more members; 2,347 joint-stock companies. In addition, the province also granted operation certificates to 3,152 subordinate units (branches, representative offices, and business locations).