Organizing many cultural activities to celebrate 20th Provincial Party Congress

19/09/2020 09:27 Số lượt xem: 42

(BNP) - Celebrating the 20th Party Congress of Bac Ninh province (Congress), term 2020 - 2025, the sector of Culture, Sports and Tourism has carried out many programs and activities to respond and propagate about Great association of the province, thereby creating a good impression among the community as well as tourists.


Particularly, Bac Ninh Cultural Center will hold 08 film screenings and 01art performace; displays photo panels for the 5th National Patriotic Emulation Congress of Bac Ninh in 2020. The Provincial Library displays and introduces books for commemoration of the 90th anniversary of Party's Traditional Work on Civil Affairs and celebration of the Congress; publishes a thematic directory on the Congress; makes a plan to organize the reading festival, seminar...

Along with that, Provincial Museum holds a thematic exhibition “Party Committee of Bac Ninh province, socio-economic achievements in the period of renovation and integration (1997-2020)”; exhibition of propaganda paintings “Celebrating the 75 years of August Revolution and National Day” and exhibition “Color of Quan Ho homeland” (Sắc màu quê hương Quan họ) took place from August 27 to the end of September 2020.

In addition, the Culture, Sports and Tourism sector also organizes information and propaganda activities about the Congress, propagate Bac Ninh culture and tourism; organize a number of art performances, sports tournaments and free bus tours...