Bac Ninh College of Industry to be upgraded as high-tech vocational

16/09/2020 08:43 Số lượt xem: 38

(BNP)  - On September 15, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vuong Quoc Tuan worked with Bac Ninh College of Industry to evaluate its performance in the past time as well as orientations and tasks in the coming time.

Vice Chairman Vuong Quoc Tuan visits the workshop at the high-tech center of the school.

During 50 years of its construction and development, Bac Ninh Industrial College has now earned many achievements in vocational training in an effort to develop qualified human resources as required for the province’s socio-economic development. Currently, the school is home for 2,100 students in and outside the province with classes for 12 jobs at college degree, 09 at intermediate level, and 29 at the elementary level. The school actively works with the province’s businesses such as Canon, Samsung, Foxconn to carry out the dual-training model, thus step by step improving the skills for students. As a result, the employment rate of college graduates is over 95%.

At the meeting, the College proposed a number of issues related to area expansion, renovation and upgrade of facilities and equipment; issuance of the special policy to attract highly qualified and skilled engineers as well as strengthen the training of the teachers, etc.

Vice Chairman Tuan acknowledged and appreciated the College’s achievements in recent years as a significant contribution to the development of qualified human resources for the province’s socio-economic development.

In the coming time, he asked the College to develop highly qualified training models; diversify its cooperation with businesses in vocational training. In response to the College’s proposal, he assigned the College to work with relevant departments and branches on a Project to build the college into a high-tech vocational training.