Bac Ninh has 19 products registered intellectual property rights

15/09/2020 08:43 Số lượt xem: 64

(BNP) - According to Department of Science and Technology, currently, 19 agricultural products owned by community in Bac Ninh have been registered intellectual property rights. These are agricultural specialties and products of famous traditional handicraft villages.


An Thinh garlic

Among them, 10 products are registered in the form of certification mark including: Fragrant rice (Que Vo district); Dinh To fermented soybean paste or tương, Tra Lam tofu, Bui powder grilled rice rolls or nem Bui (Thuan Thanh district); Cho rice cake or Bánh tẻ; Yen Phu rice paper, Yen Phu glunitous rice with yellow flowers or nếp cái hoa vàng (Yen Phong district); Dinh Bang conjugal cake or bánh phu thê, Tam Son glutinous rice (Tu Son town); Carrots (Gia Binh district).

08 products are registered in the form of a collective mark including: Dong Ky wooden handicrafts (Tu Son town); Phu Lang Pottery, Potato (Que Vo district); Dai Bai bronze, Xuan Lai bamboo (Gia Binh district); Ho chicken, Binh Cau wooden handicrafts (Thuan Thanh District); Xuan Hoi woven bamboo and rattan (Tien Du district).

Especially, An Thinh garlic product in Luong Tai district, the first product of Bac Ninh out of 84 products of the country, is granted intellectual property protection in the form of geographical indications of the country.

Statistics have shown that in the period of 2010 - 2020, Bac Ninh always at the top of the country in the number of applications and certificates of intellectual property protection .The number of industrial property protection applications in the province increases by 18.8%/year and the number of industrial property protection certificates increases by 14%/year.