Press conference on socio-economic situation in first quarter of 2021 of Bac Ninh province

05/04/2021 09:47 Số lượt xem: 171

(BNP) – In the morning of April 2nd, the Provincial People's Committee held a press conference on the socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2021. Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Vuong Quoc Tuan chaired the meeting.

Permanent Vice Chairman Vuong Quoc Tuan speaks at the meeting.

According to the published data of the Department of Statistics and the report on the implementation of the Government's Resolution No. 01 of the Department of Planning and Investment, in the first quarter of 2021, the province's Gross Regional Domestic Product(GRDP) was estimated at VND 33,285 billion (at 2010 constant price) with a relatively high increase of 8.16% compared to the first quarter of 2020.

Total State budget revenue was estimated at VND 9,624 billion, equaling 34.6% of the yearly estimate, up 5% over the same period last year. Total local budget expenditure was estimated at VND 7,054 billion, equaling to 37% of the yearly estimate, up 56.8% compared with the same period last year.

Regarding foreign investment attraction, from January 1 to March 20, 2021, the province issued new investment certificates for 29 FDI projects with a total registered capital of USD 242.4 million

At the press conference, besides the questions related to the solution to implement the targets and tasks of economic development of the province, reporters of the press also mentioned some hot issues occurred on the site such as solution of environmental pollution problem in Ngu Huyen Khe river; the progress of implementing the Hanoi - Bac Giang national highway project; construction of safe chain of production and supply of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products, etc.

Speaking at the press conference, Permanent Vice Chairman Vuong Quoc Tuan highly appreciated the contribution of the press in the direction of information and social feedback to the management and administration activities of state agencies. He wished and recommended that journalists and reporters continue to work with the province to promptly propagate, orientate and create a high level of consensus in order to bring into full play their combined strength and strive to fulfill the socio-economic targets in 2021. ​