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10 outstanding socio-economic achievements in 2018

05/01/2019 15:53 Số lượt xem: 52

(BNP) – In 2018, with the efforts and determination of the political system, the business community and the people in the province, Bac Ninh province’s socio-economic situation continued to achieve many outstanding results with many impressive bright colors.

The panorama of Bac Ninh city taken from above.

1. Bac Ninh continued to affirm that the growth pole of the North region and the country, Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) increased by 10.6% compared with 2017, thereby, creating an important driving force for building Bac Ninh become a centrally-run city.

2. Industrial production value reached VND 1,136,000 billion, with an increase of 11.6% compared with same period of last year, among which, foreign investment sector was estimated at VND 1,055,600 billion with an increase of 12%.

3. Agricultural production area has developed, appeared high-tech agricultural production models. The highest rice yield reached 61.8 quintals/ha, with an increase of 1.7 quintals/ha; 89 communes among 97 communes and 4 district-level units in the province met the standards and completed the new rural construction program.

4. Total retail sales of goods and turnover from consumer service reached more than VND 49,000 billion, with an increase of 9.1%. Total turnover from tourism service and total visitors increased by 20%.

5. Total export and import turnover reached USD 66.11 billion, up 6.6% (equivalent to USD 4.1 billion), of which, export reached USD 34.85 billion, up 10.7% (equivalent to USD 3.35 billion).

6. State budget revenue reached VND 28,081 billion, exceeding 17.6% of yearly estimate, up 24.5%, among which, domestic revenue reached VND 21,942 billion, exceeding 22.2% of the estimate and increasing 32.7%.

7. High concentration for urban planning, development and management; announcement of the decision of the Prime Minister to recognize Bac Ninh city as a grade 1 urban. Tu Son town and Nhan Thang urban are recognized as grade 3 urban and grade 5 urban, respectively. The province completed the construction project of Bac Ninh province to become a centrally-run city. The province also focused on investing construction of technical infrastructure works (transport, electricity and water supply), urban centers, housing… in a synchronous, modern and sustainability with the objectives of making Bac Ninh Ninh become a central city in 2022 ...

8. Business investment environment is improved, administrative reform is implemented the strength, connection, synchronization and public administrative procedures. 243 among 402 administrative procedures of 17 departments and agencies are approved at the Provincial Public Administration Center…

9. Comprehensive development of cultural and social fields, successful organization of the 60th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's visit to Bac Ninh province. The first time, Bac Ninh had a project selected for international competition in the field of science and technology. Kinh Bac women's volleyball team won the National Volleyball A-League Final in 2018… Besides, social security and welfare are guaranteed; the poverty rate decreased to 1.62%

10. The work of inspection, citizen reception, settlement of complaints and denunciations, prevention of corruption and wastefulness achieved many important results. Local defense - military, security, social order and safety are strengthened.