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Bac Ninh is a class-2 provincial administrative unit

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(BNP) - The Prime Minister has just signed Decision No.332/QD-TTg on adjusting Bac Ninh province from a class-3 unit to a class-2 provincial administrative unit.

The center of Bac Ninh city

The Resolution of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly stipulates that the administrative classification point is the total number of points achieved by the standards of population size, natural area, the number of attached administrative units, socio-economic development and specific elements of that administrative unit. These criteria have a maximum total score of 100 points.

In particular, the provincial, district and commune administrative units are classified as a class-1 unit when having a total of 75 points or more; a class-2 unit when satisfying a total score of 50 to under 75 points.

According to those standards, Bac Ninh province has a total of 57.6 points with 23.6 points of population scale, 10 points of natural area, 3.5 points of subordinate administrative units, 20.5 points of socio-economic development level, and 0 points of specific factors.

Bac Ninh is the northern gateway of Hanoi capital, near Noi Bai international airport and in the northern key economic region. The province has important major roads such as National Highway 1A, New National Highway 1B, National Highway 18, Highway 38,... It is the smallest natural area in 63 provinces and cities, with more than 1.3 million inhabitants; the ratio of industry, construction, and services in the economic structure accounted for 97.2%; per capita income reached about 4,289 thousand VND/month; poverty rate at 2.06%...

Currently, Bac Ninh province has 8 administrative units including Bac Ninh city, Tu Son town and 6 districts: Yen Phong, Que Vo, Tien Du, Thuan Thanh, Luong Tai, and Gia Binh.