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Boost hi-tech agricultural development in Que Vo district

12/07/2018 09:27 Số lượt xem: 125

(BNP) - For advantages and potentials in agriculture, Que Vo district needs to boost the development of high-tech agriculture, focus on building production areas meeting safety standards for main crops, which are the strength of the district, thereby improving the brand, production yield, and quality of products.

Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Nhan Chien chairs the meeting

It is one of the directives stressed by Mr. Nguyen Nhan Chien, Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Head of Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Members, at the meeting between provincial leaders and leaders of Que Vo district, in the morning of July 9th.

In the first 06 months of the year, a wide range of economic development targets of Que Vo district has reached and exceeded the target of the whole term by 2020. For instance, Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) is estimated at VND 3,209 billion, increasing by 8.9% compared to the same period. Total retail sales of goods and services reached VND 1,644 billion, climbing by 11.8% over the same period. Total budget revenue obtained VND 274.6 billion, gaining 72.6% compared with the estimation. Especially, Que Vo district basically satisfied 9 out of 9 criteria for new countryside development.

In term of the orientations and tasks in the coming time, for advantages and potentials in agriculture, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Nhan Chien urged Que Vo district to promote and reorganize agricultural production in the direction of value-added increase, sustainable development, hi-tech agriculture growth, and building commodity production areas meeting safety standards for main crops, which are the strength of the district. Particularly, the district should maximize various sources to complete the criteria for recognition of the new countryside district in 2018.

Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Tu Quynh speaks at the meeting

Apart from the agricultural sector, the district also needs to keep paying attention to the development of industry, handicraft industry, trade and services, promoting and advertising products, at the same time expanding and developing the scale of production of the craft villages, especially Phu Lang pottery, in coordination with trade, service and tourism of these villages, creating the competitiveness for typical products of the district. It is needed to efficiently manage and exploit industrial parks and clusters in association with environmental protection. Furthermore, the district is requested to coordinate with relevant units and departments to carry out the construction of social houses, housing for workers, social infrastructure, and to speed up the development and management of services in industrial parks and new urban areas, such as housing, transport, supply of goods, food, and so on.

Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Nhan Chien also asked the district in coordination with units and departments to review and adjust the plans to become a city’s district along with the process of turning Bac Ninh province into a centrally-run city by 2022 and a smart city in the near future.