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Building Vietnamese village in Bonghwa district (Korea)

08/05/2019 16:47 Số lượt xem: 66

Vietnam village will soon be built in Chunghyodang area where is the remaining relic of the Ly descendant in Bonghwa district (Korea). This is the affirmation of Mr. Um Tae Hang, Head of Bonghwa district at the meeting with the high-ranking delegation of Bac Ninh province led by Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Tu Quynh.

At the meeting, Mr. Um Tae Hang briefed the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee on the scale of Vietnam village project, saying that it would be officially started in 2020. Expected construction time is 5 years with a total cost of over VND 42 billion won, in which the Korean Government supports 50%, the remaining 50% is allocated from the local budget.

After its completion, the project contributes to promoting Vietnamese culture, helping Korean people better understand the customs of the Vietnamese people, helping the descendants of the Ly dynasty in Korea know more about their ancestors.

According to genealogy and memorial at Chunghyodang area, about 800 years ago, Prince Ly Long Tuong went to Cao Ly. He and his family were treated very well by King Kojong. When the Mongols invaded, in spite of being at the age of 70, Prince Ly Long Tuong still led soldiers and the people in Annam citadel against the invader during the five months. With the defeat of the Mongols enemy, he was appointed to be a General and made credit for the merit of the state.

Taking a survey to Chunghyodang area, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Tu Quynh affirmed the project would play a key role in the exchange between Korea and Vietnam. Leader of Bac Ninh desired the Bonghwa district build the Vietnamese village based on the customs, practices, famous landmarks and outstanding architecture like Temple Do, But Thap Pagoda. This is not only a respect for history, preserving heritage, building a sanctuary of the relics of the Ly dynasty, but also contributing to the promotion of Vietnamese culture in general, Bac Ninh province in particular to numerous people and international travelers.