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Chairman Nguyen Tu Quynh receives and works with Japanese business Delegation

02/01/2018 09:56 Số lượt xem: 2827

(BNP) – In the afternoon of December 19th, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quynh, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee received and worked with a Japanese business Delegation led by Mr. Masaharu Hori, Chairman of Horimasa Group, who is now searching for investment opportunity in high technology agriculture in Bac Ninh.

Mr. Nguyen Tu Quynh and Mr. Masaharu Hori at the meeting.

On behalf of Japanese business delegation, Mr. Masaharu Hori thanked provincial leaders and departments and sector for sparing time to welcome the Delegation. According to him, at present, Horimasa Group operates in the field of high-tech agriculture, in which aquaculture combined with vegetable production and toxicity test technology. At present, more than 100 products and testing equipment of the Group have been exported to the United States.

Horimasa Group hoped to cooperate with Bac Ninh province in transferring these two technologies as well as acting as a bridge to call for Japanese businesses to invest to Bac Ninh. In the coming time, the province would facilitate the Group to survey the site on an area of 50 - 70 hectares to plant wasabi (mustard leaves) and perilla leaves.
Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Tu Quynh welcomed Japanese enterprises to Bac Ninh to search for investment opportunities. He said that Bac Ninh's speed and scale of industrial development was very fast with annual export value at nearly USD 30 billion. In particular, Bac Ninh has attracted more than 1,000 foreign businesses from more than 30 countries and territories, among which, nearly 100 are Japanese enterprises with total capital of USD 1.3 billion.
Up to now, agricultural production in Bac Ninh only accounted for 3% of GDP. However, the number of laborers still accounted for about 65%. In the province, there are many farms based on Japanese technology and the province also has policies to support high-tech agricultural farms.
The Chairman affirmed that Bac Ninh province is always ready to welcome and create favorable conditions for enterprises to search for investment opportunities in Bac Ninh. He assigned Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to act as a focal point and introduced a location for the group to plant wasabi and perilla leaves.