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Chairman Nguyen Tu Quynh receives and works with Korean business delegation

03/07/2018 08:06 Số lượt xem: 89

(BNP) - Mr. Nguyen Tu Quynh, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee on June 28th received and worked with the Korean business delegation led by Professor Kim Jong Gouk of Chung Woon University to visit and research investment opportunities in Bac Ninh.

Chairman Nguyen Tu Quynh takes photo with Korean business delegation.

At the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Tu Quynh enthusiastically welcomed Korean business delegation to visit and find out investment opportunities in Bac Ninh. He made a brief overview on the province’s outstanding socio-economic development. With the clear and attractive investment policies, Bac Ninh is one of the fast growing provinces with many indicators among top nationwide. Among which, the economic scale ranked 4th, the value of industrial production ranked 2nd, the export value ranked 2nd and so on. At present, Bac Ninh has 10 out of 16 integrated industrial zones in operation, attracting 1,200 FDI projects with total registered capital of about USD 17 billion with many enterprises and big corporations from 33 countries and territories in the world. In particular, there are 750 projects with total investment capital of USD 12 billion from Korea.

Parallel with economic development, Bac Ninh province has also paid attention and spent resources to carry out social welfare policies. Bac Ninh is also known as the land, where is rich in historical and cultural tradition as well as root of Quan Ho folksongs – the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Also at the meeting, the Chairman hoped that through Embassy of  Korean and Korea Chamber of Business  in Vietnam, Korean enterprises would continue to research and invest in Bac Ninh.

He affirmed that with the motto "Bac Ninh always accompanies the enterprises, the success of enterprises is also the success of the province", Bac Ninh would facilitate Korean enterprises in production and business as well as remove difficulties and obstacles of enterprises in the shortest time.

At the meeting, leaders of functional departments and sectors have discussed and pointed out a number of issues related to the advantages of the province in comparison with other provinces in investment attraction; operation of the banking system ; investment procedures and incentive policies in the province; labor force ...

On behalf of Korean business delegation, Professor Kim Jong Gouk thanked the provincial leaders for their warm welcome and expressed his admiration at the remarkable socio-economic development of Bac Binh province over the years. The Korean business delegation came to learn about investment opportunities in the province in various fields such as automobile parts, garment, electronic products, banking and some universities, media agencies… these fields would be a bridge, introduce the Korean enterprises on investment and research in the province, he added.

Prof. Kim Jong Gouk believed that with policies and a clear investment environment, Korean businesses would operate and develop in the long time, contributing to the province’s overall socio-economic development, thereby, strengthening the good relationship between Bac Ninh and Korea.