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Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Tu Quynh presents the Communist Party Badge in Thi Cau ward

08/11/2017 10:18 Số lượt xem: 3716

(BNP) – Mr. Nguyen Tu Quynh, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee (PPC) attended the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution (November 7th, 1917 - 2017) and awarded the Communist Party’s Badge to partisans of the Party Committee of Thi Cau ward (Bac Ninh city).

The Chairman of Provincial People's Committee awarded the 50-year-old Communist Party's badge to the Party members.

Attending the anniversary were Mr. Vuong Quoc Tuan, Member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Secretary of Bac Ninh city’s  Party Committee; Leaders of the Party Committees of the province and Bac Ninh city.

After a speech in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, leader of the Party Committee of the Thi Cau ward announced the decision to award the Party’s badge to the party members. Bac Ninh city has 120 members awarded the 30-year-old-badge Party’s badge and above, among which, the Party Committee of Thi Cau ward has 14 honorable members on this occasion including one 70-year-old badge; one 55-year-old badge; five 50-year-old badges; two 45-year-old badges; two 40-year-old badges and three 30-year-old badges.

In the speech, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Mr. Nguyen Tu Quynh congratulated and expressed his respect for the dedication of the party members awarded the Party’s badge. Also, the Chairman affirmed that the Party’s badge was a noble award recognizing the Party members' contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party. It was the honor and pride of not only the Party members, but also the Party and people of Bac Ninh.

Mr. Nguyen Tu Quynh wished those who were award the badges this time to continue promoting the brave and heroic spirit of the Communists who deserve the pioneers, models, and actively educating and helping the younger generation, contributing strength, wisdom to making the country richer and more developed.

Promoting the revolutionary and fondness of learning tradition, the Chairman of the PPC suggested that the cadres, party members and people of Thi Cau ward continue to unite and strive to build a prosperous Bac Ninh province.

The Chairman suggested the party committees in all levels to continue promoting propaganda, especially to youngers, about exemplary party members who have made many sacrifices for the Party, the revolution in order to strive for studying, and imitating the generations of senior Party members.