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Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) will directly talk with small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

15/05/2018 09:45 Số lượt xem: 68

(BNP) - This message is given to the program "Dialogue with SMEs in 2018" scheduled to organize on May 23rd - 25th, 2018 in Tu Son town with participation of about 200 enterprises, cooperatives, or start-ups in the province.

The dialogue between PPC and SMEs with theme “SME: Equality, Cooperation and Development for building Bac Ninh into a centrally-run city" aims to grasp aspirations, needs and development trend; to overcome difficulties and obstacles for enterprises, to boost production and business activities; to issue plans, policies and measures to support SMEs in the coming time. Those purposes are for developing a tectonic government for serving people, building gradually Bac Ninh into a centrally-run city, creating opportunities for the SMEs community to participate in the development process of the province.

Especially, the message "Chairman of the PPC directly talks with SMEs" before official dialogue will drive SMEs to enjoy, understand the meaning, belief, sympathy and expectation of provincial leaders towards SME sector in the context of new development of the province.

The content of the dialogue will be implemented in direction of "concise questions and answers" and frank discussion of main issues such as implementation of the development message, SMEs support policy, settlement of petitions, difficulties. Besides, it will offer enterprises chances to discuss issues related to the province's investment and business climate (administrative procedures, taxes, land and labor, electricity, water, customs, social security, environment, etc) with leaders of the province and relevant units.

During that event, leader of Bac Ninh will summarize conclusions and direct advisory bodies of PPC to continue solving and answering investors for contents that need to be researched and must report PPC. For issues, which are not under his competence, Chairman shall direct professional departments to sum up and make proposals to relevant agencies for consideration, settlement, and reply in writing after the dialogue.