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Cherry Blossom Exhibition 2017 kicks off

22/03/2017 14:08 Số lượt xem: 3877

(BNP) – In the afternoon of March 21st, the Provincial People’s Committee in coordination with the Advanced International Joint Stock Company (AIC) solemnly organized Cherry Blossom Exhibition 2017. This was one of activities to celebrate the 185th anniversary of establishment and 20th anniversary of re-establishment of Bac Ninh province.

Participants ribbon cutting to open the Exhibition.

Attending the ceremony were Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha; Secretary of Provincial Party Committee (PPC) Nguyen Nhan Chien; Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Chu Pham Ngoc Hien; Permanent Deputy Secretary of PPC Nguyen Huu Quat; Deputy Secretary of PPC Nguyen Thi Ha; Chairwoman of Provincial People’s Council Nguyen Huong Giang; members of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Permanent Provincial People’s Council, Provincial People’s Committee and Provincial Fatherland Front; leaders of departments, branches, sectors, mass organizations, districts, town and city; leaders of AIC; Japanese enterprises in Bac Ninh along with people and visitor in and outside province.
The Exhibition this year displayed 20 cherry blossom trees and 5,000 branches, which would be shipped from Japan.

100% of cherry blossoms are displayed as real flowers with three kinds of cherry blossoms with different colors such as white, pink and red. In addition, Organizing Committee also added a number of special flowers of Vietnam such as: Trang Nguyen flower, yellow daisies, lilies flower... and hundreds of plants.
Speaking at the Exhibition, Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Phong affirmed that the Exhibition would help Bac Ninh people understand more about Japanese country and people; enhanced friendship and co-operation between Bac Ninh province with localities, agencies and organizations of Japan as well as introduce and promote potential, cooperation opportunities, investment promotion, tourism development and trade among enterprises of Vietnam and Japan.

The Cherry Blossom Exhibition would take place at Kinh Bac Culture Center from 21st to 25th March, 2017.

*Some pictures at the opening exhibition:

The leaders look at cherry blossoms at the exhibition.

People and visitors see flowers and take photos.