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Dell EMC Vietnam to understand investment opportunity in BacNinh

09/04/2018 13:19 Số lượt xem: 78

(BNP) –In the morning of April 6th, Mr. Nguyen TienNhuong, Permanent Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee received and worked with Dell EMC Vietnam led by Mr. AnothaiWettayakorn, Vice President of Dell EMC of Indochina region, on visiting and understanding investment opportunity in the sector of building smart city in BacNinh.

Permanent Vice Chairman of PPC Nguyen TienNhuong takes photo with representative of Dell EMC

Expressing the gratitude for the warm welcome, Mr. Anothaiextended his impression to the Vice Chairman for the dramatic development of BacNinh for the past years, specifically the development of information technology infrastructure, which is considered as an ideal basic for BacNinh to build smart city in future.

Mr. Anothai informed,Delll EMC is a representative of Dell Technologies (USA), which is a biggest company worldwide on developing information technology. It has operated the business in Vietnam for over 20 years and contributed much to Vietnam’s development of this sector. The company is now an independent consultant specializing providing the methods of building smart city to Hanoi capital city.

Dell EMC desired to understand the needs of the province in developing information technology infrastructure in the progress of building smart city, at the same time committed to bring the most effective methods and make the province a more favorable business environment, the Vice President of Dell EMC added at the meeting.

Permanent Vice Chairman of the PPC Nguyen TienNhuong briefed on the outstanding achievements in the socio-economic development of the province for the recent years. BacNinh is one of the first provinces, where is on mission to the very first steps on developing smart city model, so the provincial leaders always take interest in choosing experienced investors, which aims to dedicate to developing smart city model.

The Permanent Vice Chairman welcomed and highly appreciated the company’s interest in cooperation, assigned Department of Information and Communications to be a clue unit so that the Dell ECM would able to understand and support the province as soon and effective as possible in developing smart city in the future.