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Enterprises are an important motivation to the development of the province

12/04/2018 10:33 Số lượt xem: 63

(BNP) – “The party, the authority must aware that enterprises are an important motivation to the development of BacNinh, a part of BacNinh’s economy. The investors are inseparable members of the province”, Mr. Nguyen NhanChien, Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Head of Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Members addressed at theBusiness Dialogue Conference in 2018, taken place in the morning of April 10th, at KinhBac Culture Center.

Secretary Nguyen Nhan Chien gives a speech at the conference

Given a speech at the conference, Secretary Nguyen Nhan Chien acknowledged and congratulated 200 enterprises, especially 40 honored enterprises, on their outstanding contribution to the progress of socio-economic development of the province in 2017.

The Secretary stressed, Bac Ninh has been currently considered as a comprehensively developed province in the variety of fields with lots of leading socio-economic targets in the whole country. Achieving these results is thanks to the unity, determination of the political system and active dedication of businessmen and enterprises’ community in the province.

Besides, the Secretary Nguyen Nhan Chien affirmed the role of the conference, which was an occasion for the provincial leaders to meet and receive the ideas and aspirations of the enterprises, hereby jointly resolving the difficulties and obstacles, at the same time promoting the development of production business. In the coming time, the Secretary Chien asked the businessmen and enterprises to go on promoting the achievement and overcoming the shortcomings, being active and creative to explore the potentials and strengths of the province, the enterprise for the common development.

The enterprises are also requested to perform their rights and obligations strictly according to the provisions of law, to appreciate ethics, culture in business, to build a harmonious, stable and progressive labor relationship in enterprises, ensuring the lawful rights and interests of laborers.

Furthermore, the Secretary urged the levels, agencies and districts to continue speeding up administrative procedure reform, enhancing the efficiency of public administrative centers of the province, the districts in the direction of simplifying the procedures related to enterprises, clearly answering the their questions, on time receiving and resolving their difficulties.

Making and issuing the mechanism, policy that support start-up and enterprises are necessary at this period. The authority’s levels need to connect domestic and FDI enterprises, especially big corporations in fields of processing, manufacturing, electric, agricultural industries and encourage investment in producing, developing socio-economic infrastructure, building eco urban, tourism, cultural areas, and resorts, contributing to ensuring the criterias of centrally run city and smart city, he added.

For the active cooperation among enterprises and the highly political determination of the authority and the people, Bac Ninh will continue to be an attractive, fruitful investment destination for enterprises inside and outside of the country, the Secretary Nguyen Nhan Chien believed.