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Impresses of Exhibition of “President Ho Chi Minh with Agriculture of Bac Ninh”

11/06/2018 10:30 Số lượt xem: 56

(BNP) – Within activities to mark the 128th bird anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, the 70th anniversary of Uncle Ho’s call for patriotic emulation, especially the 60th anniversary of Uncle Ho’s 05 visits and the guidance to agricultural production in Bac Ninh, on May 18th, at Provincial Museum, a special exhibition named "Uncle Ho with Agriculture of Bac Ninh" was organized by Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Visitors call on the exhibition of “Uncle Ho with Agriculture of Bac Ninh”

The exhibition entitled "Uncle Ho with Agriculture of Bac Ninh" is not only a thankful note, remembrance to Uncle Ho’s great merits and precious guidance to agricultural sector of Bac Ninh, but also a chance to introduce the history, potentials of Bac Ninh – Kinh Bac’s people and land, attracting a large number of people in the province and visitors.

More than 500 images, materials, items are displayed on three main topics including Uncle Ho with Bac Ninh province (introduction of images, objects associated Uncle Ho’s 18 visits to the province in 1945-1967 period); Uncle Ho with Agriculture of Bac Ninh (introduction of Uncle Ho’s 9 visits and guidance to agricultural production of Bac Ninh; Agriculture of Bac Ninh follows Uncle’s guidance (introduction of remarkable achievements of agriculture of Bac Ninh in 60 years of implementation Uncle Ho’s guidance, especially since the Bac Ninh’s re-establishment and directions, solutions to develop Bac Ninh's agriculture in the period of industrialization, modernization and international integration).

Bac Ninh is one of the localities that Uncle Ho has paid attention to and visited many times. From a purely agricultural province, after more than 20 years of re-establishment, Bac Ninh has basically become a modern industrial province with impressive growth with a lot of leading indicators nationwide. Along with the development of industry, the province also pays much attention to developing hi-tech agriculture, especially in the context that agricultural land was increasingly narrowed.

Besides exhibiting artifacts, pictures of the Uncle Ho’s visit, Provincial Museum dedicated a special area to display and introduce typical agricultural products of Bac Ninh, especially clean and hi-tech agricultural products such as perilla, clean tomato, guava and so on to local inhabitants and tourists.

The pictures and items were exhibited in the topic “Uncle Ho with Agriculture of Bac Ninh”

Although the exhibition has been over 2 weeks, the number of tourists to visit got over 2,000 including foreign guests. Many of them were impressed by such the impressive exhibition.

The displayed materials and items, which demonstrate the sentiments and interest of President Ho Chi Minh to Bac Ninh’s Party, authorities and people, especially to the agriculture sector is an invaluable source for scientific and historical research of the province to continue orientating and motivating each citizen in the progress of new rural development.

It is expected that the Provincial Museum will open until the end of July 2018.