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Inaugurating POSTEF fiberglass factory

17/08/2019 16:20 Số lượt xem: 251

(BNP) - On August 15, Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) in cooperation with Postal Equipment Corporation (POSTEF) organized the inauguration of a fiberglass plant for optical information at POSTEF Industrial Complex, VSIP Industrial Park, Tu Son Town.

Delegates visit the production line at the factory.

Post and Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company was formerly the Postal Equipment Factory, established from the early years of liberating the Capital. Since its establishment, for over 60 years, the company has grown strongly, becoming one of the key businesses of VNPT Group. The company specializes in manufacturing and trading equipment in the field of post and telecommunications industry, information technology, in which fiber optic and peripheral equipment is one of the main product groups.

The fiberglass factory was started construction in February 2017, with an area of ​​5,000m2, the total investment of VND380 billion, a design capacity of 3.2 million km of fiber/year. This is the first factory in Vietnam to produce fiberglass for optical fiber production. With modern equipment, automation and latest technology in the world, the factory will produce fiberglass furnace for all kinds of the optical fiber according to current international standards such as G654D, G655, and G657, helping VNPT to be fully active in core materials in optical fiber production instead of importing completely from abroad as before.