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Incense offered to late President Ho Chi Minh

13/09/2017 08:41 Số lượt xem: 2582
(BNP) – In the morning of September 11th, a Delegation of Provincial Party Committee (PPC), Provincial People’s Council, Provincial People’s Committee and Provincial Fatherland Front led by Mr. Nguyen Huu Quat, Permanent Deputy Secretary of PPC offered incense to commemorate late President Ho Chi Minh at K9 Monument Park (Da Chong, Ba Vi, Ha Noi) on the occasion of 48th death anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (September 2nd, 1969 – 2017).

Participants offer incense at President Ho Chi Minh memorial house.

Also joining the Delegation were Mr. Nguyen Tien Nhuong, Permanent Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee; Mr. Ha Sy Tiep, Chairman of Provincial Fatherland Front; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thu, Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Council; leaders of Office of PPC, Office of Provincial People’s Council, Office of Provincial People’s Committee and Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.
In a solemn atmosphere, participants burnt incense with deep respect and gratitude to the genius leader and hero of national liberation, great man of culture, who brought glory to our nation.

Showing eternal gratitude to Great President Ho Chi Minh, the Party, people and army pledge to study and follow his moral example, continue promoting innovation and building  a prosperous country for accomplishing the big goal of “wealthy people, a strong country, an equitable, democratic and civilized society.