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Launch of Zalo application in administrative reform

11/07/2018 08:44 Số lượt xem: 121

(BNP) - On July 6th, Provincial People's Committee held the launch of Zalo application in administrative reform.

The provincial leaders press the button to launch the Zalo application

"Electronic Government of Bac Ninh province" on Zalo application consists of two channels. The first channel providing the function of the direct communication between the provincial authorities and local people is to inform the results of the settlement of administrative procedures, remind departments to respond to people's petitions and delivery answers of these petitions to them, provide the information on establishments that commit to food safety eligibility in the province. The second channel will upload information on the internal management of Bac Ninh province, which has the function of informing officials, civil servants about processing documents, and meeting schedules.

In order to enhance the contribution of Zalo to boosting administrative reform and building e-government in Bac Ninh province, at the opening ceremony, Permanent Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Tien Nhuong asked that leader of Departments, People's Committees of districts, town, city and public administrative centers at all levels must thoroughly make request to public officials, civil servants and employees to install and use this application in the operation of state agencies, especially in dealing with administrative procedures and interacting with the people.

The Department of Information and Communication in cooperation with Provincial Public Administration Center need to carry out well the management and supply of information so that the systems can operate effectively and safely, meeting the requirements of the state agencies, organizations, and citizens.

The Department of Home Affairs shall study and advise Provincial People's Committee on mentioning results of applying Zalo in serving the citizens and the enterprises in the contents of the annual emulation and reward assessment by agencies and units.

The Permanent Vice Chairman also requested press agencies to promote propaganda to cadres, public officials, civil servants, people, and enterprises about the application of Zalo in the operation of state agencies, helping them understand and join the use.