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Luong Tai District Health Center proactively prevent and fight against Covid-19 epidemic

17/02/2020 09:47 Số lượt xem: 34

(BNP) - Determining the importance of the epidemic prevention for the work of care and protection of people's health, especially in the context of complex outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic, over the past time, Health Center of Luong Tai district has proactively deployed many solutions to strictly monitor and control the epidemic situation.

Health center staff instructs people to perform appropriate hand hygiene

With the motto of prevention is better than cure, the district health center has actively made the plans and implemented the work of the epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the actual situation of the district. In particular, an emergency committee for prevention and control of Covid-19, the inspection and supervise team, rapid response team, a mobile anti-epidemic team, anti-epidemic team in communes and towns has been set up…

The center also directed the health station of communes and townships in coordination with the police force to make a list of all cases returning China. According to the statistics, the district had 51 cases, all of which were closely monitored for their body temperature and carried out isolation periods as prescribed. Up to now, the district has not recorded any suspected cases of Covid-19.

Infection control has been identified by the Center as one of the leading factors to prevent Covid-19 infection. During this time, the work of protecting patients and the medical team was strictly carried out. Besides, the Center prepared 29 protective equipment, raw materials and supplies, and face masks for patients and patients' relatives as well as arranged disinfectant solution, hand washing with soap according to the standards…

In addition to the arrangement of isolated areas with 30 beds including the examination area for acute pneumonia caused by novel Coronavirus; special isolation area; the isolated suspected patient area, the Center also proactively updated training knowledge for staff and doctors on the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19 epidemic. At the same time, the Center also promoted the propaganda through the radio system, the screens on the epidemic’s situation and how to prevent and fight Covid-19; updated documents and directives of the Central government and the province to implement prevention and control of the epidemic.

In parallel with the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic, the Center is also focused on the work of medical examination and treatment and people's health care. Along with a team of 173 doctors, nurses, technicians, midwives, infrastructure, equipment and facilities of the Center are also interested in synchronous and modern investment with 180 beds, digital camera system, ultrasound, CT, gastrointestinal endoscopy, auto biochemistry ... with an aim to meeting the needs of the people.