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More than 1,900 cadres participate in 2019 National High School Exam

21/05/2019 11:30 Số lượt xem: 94

(BNP) - In order to well organize 2019 National High School Exam, Department of Education and Training mobilized 1,911 cadres to prepare for the exam.

Students prepare for 2019 National High School Exam.

In particular, there are 1,179 officers of Department of Education and Training; 732 officers from 04 universities and colleges authorized by Ministry of Education and Training including Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, Bac Ninh University of Sports and Physical Training, Sao Do University (in Hai Duong province) and Ngo Gia Tu College (in Bac Giang province).

This year's exam, Bac Ninh Department of Education and Training presided over the contest cluster No. 19 with 25 exam places and 1,266 exam invigilators. Exam places are at 22 public high schools and 3 non-public high schools, namely Nguyen Du (Bac Ninh city), Pho Moi (Que Vo district), and Tu Son (Tu Son town). These are all high schools with modern facilities, meeting requirements of security and safety for the exam.

In 2019, the whole province has 14,332 students joining the National High School Exam. In which, 4,486 candidates took the exam for the consideration of high school graduation, accounting for 31.3%; 9,546 candidates obtain results for admission to colleges, accounting for 66.6%; 300 contestants for university admission, accounting for 2.1%.