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More than 4,000 turns of poor households and government-policy beneficiaries get loans

21/04/2019 14:24 Số lượt xem: 94

(BNP) - In the first quarter of 2019, the Provincial Bank for Social Policies disbursed more than VND 111 billion of preferential loans to more than 4,000 poor, and other government-policy beneficiaries.

Head Office of the Provincial Bank for Social Policies

Loan sales mainly focused on a number of programs: nearly VND 7 billion for poor households, more than VND 11.4 billion for near-poor households, more than VND 8.1 billion for households which just escaped poverty, more than VND 66 billion for the construction of clean water and sanitation school, over VND 15 billion for employment settlement.

Policy credit activities have made an important contribution to effective implementation of guidelines, policies, goals, and tasks set by the Party and the State, helping poor and near-poor households and policy beneficiaries to have other financial sources to invest in production, living standards improvement, contributing to reducing the poverty rate, ensuring social security and new rural development.

Policy capital has also timely supported production and business activities, creating jobs for nearly 200 employees; helping nearly 400 students in need get loans in studying; building over 6,600 clean water and environmental sanitation projects,...