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Provincial leader receives delegation of Japanese business

19/11/2019 10:08 Số lượt xem: 55

(BNP) – In the afternoon of November 18th, Mr. Nguyen Tien Nhuong, Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee received and worked with Japanese business delegation led by Mr. Teruo Tsuneda, General Director of TSC Group (Japan) to explore investment opportunities for safety solutions for the smart city model in Bac Ninh.

Permanent Vice Chairman Nguyen Tien Nhuong presents traditional product to the Delegation.

Mr. Teruo Tsuneda thanked to the solemn welcome of the provincial leaders. He said that Japanese businesses highly appreciated Bac Ninh province as a convergence of all advantages from the local position, technology, human resources, transport infrastructure ... in order to build and develop a smart city model.

At the meeting, representative from Japanese enterprises introduced a number of solutions on energy security assurance, stable power supply, and application of artificial intelligence technology, security and confidentiality, camera and touch systems in the process of building smart city. Through research, Bac Ninh is very suitable when deploying smart city construction components in Bac Ninh as well as proposed to carry out the pilot of implementing the solutions in the province, Japanese enterprises added.

On behalf of the provincial leaders, Permanent Vice Chairman Nguyen Tien Nhuong welcomed and thanked the Japanese business delegation to visit and explore investment opportunities in Bac Ninh. Also at the meeting, he briefed on the geographical location, potentials and strengths of the province’s socio-economic development. Until now, Bac Ninh province has 10 out of 16 industrial parks in operation, attracting more than 1,400 FDI enterprises from 35 countries and territories in the world with a total investment of more than USD 18 billion. In particular, Japan is the second country in terms of businesses and investment capital in Bac Ninh.

He emphasized that Bac Ninh province is now one of the leading localities in implementing the overall scheme as well as the smart city model component projects.

Highly appreciating the appropriateness of safety solutions, energy and electricity security introduced by Japanese enterprises, the Permanent Vice Chairman assigned the Department of Information and Communications to research and select locations and options for implementation in the province.