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Provincial leader visits and works with Hanacans Joint stock company

10/11/2017 10:05 Số lượt xem: 3109

(BNP) – Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Tu Quynh on November 6th visited and worked with Hanacans Joint stock company (JSC) (Hanaka Industrial Zone, Tu Son town) on grasping implementation of production and business plan in first 10 months and tasks in the last months of 2017.

Chairman Nguyen Tu Quynh visited production line of Hanacans JSC.

Started since 2006 and with 100% of Japanese capital, Hanacans JSC has specialized in manufacturing all kinds of cans of beer, soft drinks and other drinks. At present, the company has 270 staffs operating at 2 lines with capacity of more than 1.1 billion cans/year.

At present, the company is investing in cans manufacturing and selling plant for sector of beer, soft drink and some other beverages in Quang Nam province with capacity of 700 million cans/year and total investment capital of USD 45 million. It is expected that in July 2018, the Plant  would officially put into operation and create jobs for 100 workers.

In the meeting, the Company strongly recommended the province to invest the power system in order to ensure power source for production and consider obstacles in line investment procedures in Quang Nam province.


Mr. Quynh took a photo with leaders of Hanacans JSC.

Directly visiting the production line, Chairman Nguyen Tu Quynh congratulated achievements of the Company in improving and renovating production, contributing to development of the locality. He also affirmed that thanks to favorable geo-political location, geo-economic along with incentives policies and an open investment environment, Bac Ninh has become an attractive destination for Japanese businesses. Up to now, the province has attracted more than 100 Japanese enterprises with total registered capital of about USD 1 billion.
The Chairman urged the Company to continue expanding the network of the Company in Vietnam and neighboring countries; building the corporate culture; paying attention to the material and spiritual life of laborers and ensuring labor and food safety, fire prevention, security and order in the industrial zone.
The Chairman also assigned Hanaka Group Corporation to  soon deploy project of  building  housing for workers in the industrial zone.
For the recommendations of the Company, the Chairman asked Bac Ninh Power Company to adjust the line route from 110 Chau Khe transformer station to Hanaka Industrial Zone with an aim to ensuring power supply to production enterprises.
At the same time, the Department of Planning and Investment, the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority in coordination with the Company were also assiigned to solve problems in investment procedures for facilitate enterprises to borrow capital and expand production and business.