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Provincial leaders have dialogue with workers

13/06/2018 17:02 Số lượt xem: 131

(BNP) - In the morning of June 9th, at Kinh Bac Culture Center, Bac Ninh city, Provincial Labor Federation held a Review Conference of Workers' Month in 2018 and dialogue of Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee and 400 workers representing over 300,000 workers, employees working in enterprises in the province.

Provincial leaders talk with laborers

At the conference, Mr. Nguyen Nhan Chien, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, acknowledged and praised the contributions and efforts of trade unions and laborers all over the province to the socio-economic development of the province over the past years. Secretary of Provincial Party Committee expected that in the coming time, the force of officials, civil servants, workers and employees in the province would continue to promote the traditions of the working class in production and emulation to much more contribute to making Bac Ninh more modern and civilized.

Secretary Nguyen Nhan Chien awards Certificate of Merit to an individual

Secretary Nguyen Nhan Chien highly appreciated the initiative of Provincial Trade Union in advising on the dialogue with laborers, meanwhile emphasized that it is the first dialogue of the provincial leaders with the labor force, one of the meaningful activities, the democratic forum between the Party, the government and the worker class. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity for the labor force and trade union officials to express their sincere hopes and recommendations to the provincial leaders on issues directly related to their life, employment and labor relations in enterprises. Based on that, it is needed to propose solutions to improve the material and spiritual life of laborers, build a harmonious, stable and progressive labor relationship for the sustainable development of enterprises and the socio-economic development of the province.

At the dialogue, representatives of laborers, who are members of the trade union organizations of enterprises in the province, expressed concerns and problems such as traffic safety in industrial parks, accommodation for workers and schools, kindergartens for their children, settlement the benefits of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance, overtime rules, accommodation’s rental rates, food hygiene and safety for workers, democratic regulation, and cultural institution in industrial zones...

Provincial leaders award Certificates of Merit to 70 individuals with outstanding achievements

On behalf of provincial leaders, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Tu Quynh highly appreciated direct and frank comments and suggestions, which focus on issues that a lot of workers are interested. The Chairman responded directly to problems of the labor force at the dialogue and pledged to assign the relevant departments and sectors to review, settle all suggestions and recommendations of the workforce as soon as possible.

On this occasion, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Provincial People's Committee, and Provincial Labor Federation awarded certificates of merit to 70 individuals with outstanding achievements in the emulation movement "Excellent and creative laborers in 2017". Provincial Labor Federation also awarded certificates of merit to 18 trade union’s Chairmen who have remarkable achievements in collective labor agreement and dialogue and donated 55 gifts for workers who suffered serious illness and occupational accident. The "Trade Union’s Home" Foundation of the province also presented 3 gifts worth VND30 million to disadvantaged workers.