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Provincial leaders offer incense to commemorate martyrs

24/01/2020 09:38 Số lượt xem: 56

(BNP) - On the occasion of Canh Ty Lunar New Year 2020 and 90th anniversary of establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3rd, 1930 – 2020), a Delegation of the Provincial Party Committee (PPC), Provincial People’s Council, Provincial People’s Committee and Provincial Fatherland Front led by Mr. Nguyen Nhan Chien, Secretary of PPC, Head of Province’s National Assembly Delegation on January 22nd offered incense to commemorate martyrs at Provincial Martyrs Memorial and General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu Monument (Bac Ninh city).

Provincial leaders offer incense to commemorate martyrs.

In a solemn atmosphere, the Delegation burnt incense with deep respect and gratitude to commemorate Heroes and Martyrs, outstanding children of Bac Ninh – Kinh Bac homeland who sacrificed their youth and blood for independence and freedom of the nation. It is also an opportunity to educate the young generation about patriotism and will in the cause of building and defending the country.

To deserve the sacrifices of Heroes and Martyrs and General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu, Bac Ninh Party Committees, authorities and people vow to unite and overcoming difficulties, promoting patriotic emulation movements, successfully implementing the objectives of the 12th National Party Congress and the Resolution of the 19th Bac Ninh Provincial Party Congress as well as successfully organizing the Congress Party Committee of all levels for the term 2020-2025; making Bac Ninh province into a centrally administered city towards modernization, culture, ecology, knowledge and a civilized urban center.