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Review conference of the 08th Provincial Sports Festival

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(BNP) - In the morning of December 26th, at Kinh Bac Cultural Center, the Provincial People’s Committee held a review conference of the 8th Provincial Sports Festival, 2018.

Standing Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee awards Certificate of Merit of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to typical collectives

Taking place from March 2018 to the end of October 2018, the 8th Provincial Sports Festival held 14 subjects with over 1,100 participants. The organizers awarded 127 medals to high-achieving athletes. Gia Binh district sports delegation ranked first with 27 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 30 bronze medals; the runner-up award belonged to Que Vo district with 23 gold medals, 16 silver medals, 23 bronze medals; while the third place was Thuan Thanh district with 19 gold medals, 28 silver medals, 26 bronze medals.

With elaborate and thorough preparation, the Opening ceremony of the 8th Provincial Sports Festival 2018 was taken place at the Square of the Kinh Bac Cultural Center with a magnificent, impressive scale that strongly bolds cultural identity of Bac Ninh - Kinh Bac region, contributing to creating a new motivation in implementing the goal of building Bac Ninh province to become a centrally-run city in 2022.

The 8th National Sports Festival was conducted from November 15 to December 10, attracting more than 11,700 athletes, coaches, referees involved with 36 subjects and 743 contents. Bac Ninh sports delegation dispatched 18 coaches and 91 athletes participating in 10 of 36 subjects, aiming to rank among the good average nationwide. After nearly 1 month of competition, Bac Ninh obtained 30 medals including 5 gold medals, 11 silver medals, and 14 bronze medals, ranked 29th out of 65 provinces, cities and sectors nationwide, increasing 2 levels and climbing 14 medals (1 gold medal, 6 silver medals, 7 bronze medals) compared to the 7th National Sports Festival.

Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Council and Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee awards Certificates of Merit to individuals who got the excellent achievement.

Speaking at the Conference, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phong acknowledged and congratulated the coaches and athletes on their high achievements at the Sports Festival, contributing to the cause of physical training and sports of the province and the country.

In order to promote the provincial sports movement, in the coming time, the Vice Chairman requested the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to advise on investment in mass sports, in which investment in the development of sports facilities at the grassroots level, especially in schools. Furthermore, it is needed to arrange the installation of sports equipment in flower gardens, parks and public areas in districts, town, and city to serve the sports need of the people.

For high-achievement sports, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism selects athletes with strengths in contents that the province is investing in training. At the same time, the Department continues to create the best conditions for coaches and athletes to compete and obtain high achievements in upcoming sports tournaments, contributing to improving the position of Bac Ninh sports in the domestic and international arena.