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Street cultural activities will be taken place on May 19th 2018

17/05/2018 14:04 Số lượt xem: 83

(BNP) – Pursuant to Plan No. 10-KH/LN, Youth Union of Bac Ninh city in coordination with Division of Culture & Information, Center of Culture & Sport of Bac Ninh city will organize street cultural activities on Saturday night, May 19th 2018, at Nguyen Van Cu park on the occasion of 128th bird anniversary of late President Ho Chi Minh.

Folk games, in response to program of singing Quan ho on the boat, were taken place on Nguyen Phi Y Lan walking street

According to the plan, the event will be kicked off at 4.00 PM with “weekend market” program, of which about 12 booths will exhibit very various goods such as handmade souvenirs, accessories, books, traditional cakes (typical specialties of Thi Cau, Dap Cau, Hoa Long wards), calligraphy, Quan ho’s traditional costume, Quan ho folk songs’ disks, food and beverage.

A wide range of activities in cultural exchange part will consist of traditional, modern dancing, dance sport carried out by members of dance sport club and students, fashion show, musical instruments performance (saxophone, drum and traditional musical instruments) conducted by students of musical schools and art clubs’ members, exchange with foreigners, especially the attendance of singer Duc Phuc, winner of Vietnam’s The Voice 2016.

Furthermore, at 7.30 PM, other activities will also be held, apart from the cultural exchange program, such as Vietnamese documentary filming, folk games namely challenging on rope bridge, stilt walking, blindfolded to drumming, mandarin square capturing, bamboo dancing, Chinese chess, roller skating, molding, painting,...

At kid’s playground in the campus of Nguyen Van Cu Park, there will be services for reading, selling students’ supplies, and joining ball houses, merry-go-round and other activities for picnic, which is very free for children to visit and have fun.

Organizing street art and cultural activities aims at building and maintaining community space, improving the living environment, promoting values of cultural heritage, contributing to preserving, honoring and introducing history, culture and people of Bac Ninh - Kinh Bac land. At the same time, it is to create not only cultural, artistic activities, but also productions of craft villages, tourism, trade, culinary elites in public places, meeting the cultural and recreational needs of the people in Bac Ninh city.