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The program of singing Quan ho folk songs on boats in June will be broadcasted live on Provincial Television and Radio Station

07/06/2018 08:59 Số lượt xem: 60

(BNP) – Conducting the directive of Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has launched Plan No.728/KH-SVHTTDL on organizing the program of singing Quan ho folk songs on boats in June, relevant cultural activities to welcome 70th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s call for patriotic emulation (June 11th, 1948 – 2018), and U19 Asian Women Volleyball Championship in 2018 taken place in Bac Ninh.

A performance in the program of singing Quan ho on boats in April themed “The reunion of bamboo and apricot blossom” (Sum họp trúc mai)

According to the plan, the 90-minute performance of singing Quan ho on boats with the theme “Wish to see each other” (Tương phùng tương ngộ) of June performed by artists of the Bac Ninh’s Quan ho folk songs Theater will be being taken place at 8.00 PM, on Saturday night, June 9, on lake in front of Provincial People's Council - Provincial People's Committee, specially broadcasted live on the provincial radio and television station.

Like the previous programs of singing Quan ho folk songs on boats, relevant activities will be being held at 3.30 PM such as performance of Dong Ngu Water Puppetry; displaying, introducing costumes, items used in cultural activities of Quan ho; advertising Xuan Lai commune’s bamboo and rattan processing; exhibiting some typical and specialty products of localities; introducing tours, routes of Bac Ninh tourism and street art performances at the Ly Thai To statue area and on Nguyen Phi Ỷ Lan road.

Besides, Provincial Library and Museum will open from 4.30 PM to 9.30 PM to serve visitors with exhibitions of various books and all items with the theme “Uncle Ho with the agriculture of Bac Ninh”.

Organizing the performance of Quan ho singing on boats and relevant cultural activities contributes to heightening cultural living standard at the grassroots level, meeting the needs of enjoying the spiritual culture of local inhabitants and visitors calling on Bac Ninh. In addition, the program is to deeply propaganda and introduce unique cultural values of Quan ho to local residents as well as friends inside and outside the country.