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Workshop on Economical and efficient use of electricity - Responsibilities and benefits of enterprises

06/08/2019 09:25 Số lượt xem: 76

(BNP) – In the morning of August 6th, Ministry of Industry and Trade in coordination with the Provincial People's Committee organized a workshop on "Economical and efficient use of electricity - Responsibilities and benefits of enterprises".

Bac Ninh Power Company signs an agreement implementation of load adjustment program with businesses in the locality.

Speaking at the workshop, Permanent Vice Chairman Nguyen Tien Nhuong briefed on the outstanding achievements in the province's socio-economic development. In 2018, GRDP increased by 10.6%, the scale of economy ranked the top of the country; the industry has boomed in the direction of high technology, the value of industrial production reached VND 1.14 million and so on. Contributing to the achievements that made a significant contribution of Power sector with an aim to ensuring energy security, towards green growth.

Over the past time, Bac Ninh Power Company has implemented many synchronous solutions such as investing thousands of billions VND to build electricity systems; implementing electricity saving programs, energy audit programs; encouraging customers to install solar roof power ... Being aware of the pressure and sharing difficulties with the Power sector, the provincial leaders suggested enterprise join hands with the Power sector, have appropriate production plans and raise high efficiency power use. Bac Ninh is committed to accompanying and supporting enterprises in the program of economical and efficient use of energy in general and the Load Adjustment Program in particular.

At the workshop, agencies under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and technical and financial consulting units informed Bac Ninh enterprises about important contents. At the same time, representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and EVN directly answered the opinions of enterprises on issues such as Power supply capacity in the future; Installation and use of solar roof system; policies related to supporting businesses in energy saving…  

On this occasion, Bac Ninh Power Company signed an agreement implementation of load adjustment program in 2019 with representatives of businesses in the locality.