Many activities to experience Lunar New Year at Provincial Museum

11/01/2023 08:37

(BNP) - From January 23 to 26, 2023, Bac Ninh Museum will organize the program "Rejoice in the Spring of Quy Mao 2023 - Spring travel in the Quan ho region" to serve tourists inside and outside the province. This is one of the activities to celebrate the glorious Party and the Lunar New Year in 2023.

Students experience making Chung cake at the Provincial Museum in 2018.

According to the plan, the program "Rejoice in the Spring of Quy Mao 2023 - Spring travel in the Quan ho region" includes the following activities: Thematic exhibition "Buddhist cultural heritage in Bac Ninh province", with 3 parts: Bac Ninh is the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism; Ancient sites through the national feudal periods; Preservation and promotion of the value of Buddhist cultural heritage.

Along with the program "Spring travel in Quan Ho region 2023", there are many experiential activities such as: Re-enacting Tet space and Quan Ho region festival; Performance and cultural exchange of Quan Ho, Tet market, folk games... Visitors will be able to interact with Quan Ho artisans, learn the meaning of Dong Ho folk paintings, print Tet paintings, write Calligraphy, betel nut, phoenix wings... Children will experience making Chung cake, greeting cards for Tet, red envelopes, making clay pots…

Folk games on New Year's Day are also held in the campus of the Provincial Museum such as: running, swinging, blindfolded catching ducks, blindfolded beating pots, catching cockroaches in jars, tug of war, robbing flags, jumping stalls, etc. In addition, the specialties of Bac Ninh homeland such as: Dinh Bang Phu The cake, Cho village cake, Khuc cake of Diem village... will attract tourists.

The program aims to recall the image of the traditional Tet holiday of the nation in general and the homeland of Bac Ninh in particular. This is also an opportunity to promote the image of Bac Ninh province as innovative, dynamic, developed and rich in cultural identity, friendliness and hospitality to national and international friends.

By P.H