Du Trang communal house

17/01/2023 08:20

(BNP) - According to historical documents, Du Trang communal house, Giang Son commune, Gia Binh district was built in the 19th century and has a large architectural scale. Over time, the communal house was degraded and repaired many times.

Tien Te building (Front Ceremonial Hall).

On the roof of the Tien Te building, two dragons are emblazoned on the moon face.

Legend has it that Du Trang communal house worships Lang Cong Dai Vuong and Chieu Cong Dai Vuong. They were instrumental in helping Dinh Bo Linh to quell the rebellion of 12 warlords.


At present, the communal house has architectural works including: Tien Te, Dai Bai, Hau Cung.

Horizontal lacquered board (engraved with Chinese characters)with painted wood material.


The communal house has preserved many documents and artifacts from the Le - Nguyen dynasties such as: Statue of the saint, the altar, with painted wood dating from the Nguyen Dynasty; Princess legend stele; fairy stele; stele "Nghia Dien Lap Bi"; the stele “Thanh tich bi ky” dated to the Nguyen Dynasty; stele (untitled) dating from Gia Long (1802 - 1819); stele “Hau than Bi Ky” dated Duy Tan 8 (1914); Sentences for painted wood, dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty…

Pair of wooden horses in Dai Bai building.

Ancient stone stele.

Decision on recognition of provincial-level relics.

Du Trang Communal House was ranked as a historical and cultural relic by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision No. 1598/CT dated 30/11/1996.

By P.H