Buou Temple - Provincial historical site

04/10/2022 14:35

(BNP) - Buou Temple (Lo Bao hamlet, Noi Due commune, Tien Du district) was originally built in 1798, where it worships Lieutenant Ly Thuong Kiet, an outstanding military man, a talented politician and excellent diplomat, the most outstanding national hero of the Ly dynasty whose name and career are still shining brightly in the glorious history of the nation.

Overview of Buou temple.

Buou Temple is a place to worship Lieutenant Ly Thuong Kiet, who has contributed to the Ly dynasty and the nation, especially the commander who defeated the Tong invaders in the 11th century. This is where lieutenant Ly Thuong Kiet and his army gathered before going to the Nhu Nguyet river line to fight the Tong army. People here have built temples to worship him.

Front Ceremonial Hall.

Buou Temple has the architecture of Chinese “Nhi” letter.

The altar in Front Ceremonial Hall

Emperor’s Harem has 3 compartments.

20th century parallel sentences

Every year, the traditional festival of Lo Bao is held on January 13.

20th century altar.

Set of eight treasures.

Buou Temple classified as a provincial historical relic in Decision No. 2309/QD-UBND, dated December 19, 2018.

By T.L