National historical and artistic relic of Thanh Ha Temple

05/10/2022 08:27

(BNP) - Thanh Ha Temple, An Thinh Commune, Luong Tai District was built in the Le Dynasty and has undergone many restorations under the Nguyen Dynasty. In 1997, local people contributed to the restoration of the Temple.

Thanh Ha Temple.

Thanh Ha Temple has an architecture of Chinese “Nhi” letter, including the Front Ceremonial Hall and the Emperor’s Harem. Currently, on the architecture of the temple, there are still imprints of the two Le - Nguyen dynasties.

The main altar of the Front Ceremonial Hall.

Horizontal lacquered board, parallel sentences dating from the Nguyen Dynasty.

The temple door system.

The Front Ceremonial Hall has 05 compartments, 02 lean-tons, 04 curved roofs. The door opens in the 5 middle compartments.

Set of eight treasures.

The Emperor’s Harem has 03 compartments.

Thanh Ha Temple worships the “First Xich Cong” and “Second Hoang Cong”.

Thanh Ha Temple worships the First Xich Cong and the Second Hoang Cong – 2 out of 7 brothers who helped the Ly dynasty fight the Ma Na invaders and keep the country in peace at the beginning of the 11th century.

The system of steles dating from Chinh Hoa 20 (1699), Gia Long 17 (1818), Minh Menh 14 (1833) and the Le dynasties.

A pair of stone crocodiles dating from the Le Dynasty.

Thanh Ha Temple is classified as a National Historical and Architectural Monument according to Decision No. 921/QD-BT dated 20/07/1994.

By P.H