Van Xa communal house - historical relic

02/12/2022 14:17

(BNP) - Van Xa communal house, Van Xa village, Cach Bi commune, Que Vo district, which was built a long time ago and was built on a large scale in Le Trung Hung's reign (18th century), is one of the "decade temples" "worshiping  great tutor Le Van Thinh. The old communal house was destroyed during the war against France. In 1997, local people built a new communal house together.


Van Xa communal house.

Van Xa communal house worships poinsettia – great tutor Le Van Thinh, this is also his maternal hometown. Le Van Thinh was born in the year of the Tiger (1050) in Bao Thap village, Dong Cuu commune, Gia Binh district, his father is Le Van Thanh, his mother is Tran Thi Tin, a native of Ngo Xa village, now Van Xa village, Cach Bi commune. Que Vo district. From a young age, Le Van Thinh was famous for his intelligence, studious, and self-read thousands of books on Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. In 1075, King Ly Thanh Tong opened the scholarly Minh Kinh exam, and Le Van Thinh took the exam and won the first place called Poinsettia of our country.

The gate of Van Xa communal house.

Great Communal Hall.

Van Xa communal house is located on a land with a total area of 860m2. At present, the communal house includes the main construction items: Great Communal Hall and Emperor’s Harem. In addition, in the communal house, there are other works: Nghi Mon, Dai Vu house, stele house.

Horizontal lacquered board is made of wood dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty.

Great Communal Hall has 3 compartments, 2 lean-tons, 4 curved roofs. Emperor’s Harem has 2 compartments.

Ordinantions are bestowed by kings.

There are many typical artifacts in the communal house such 01 horizontal lacquered board, 01 pair of couplets, wooden material dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty. 01 worshiping throne, 01 tablet, 01 pair of worshiping cranes, 01 worshiping statue, 01 set of pins, 01 pair of couplets...

Van Xa communal house was built in the traditional architectural style.

Certificate of ranking provincial-level relic.

Van Xa communal house has been classified as a provincial historical relic according to Decision No. 355/QD-UBND dated 20/03/2007.

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