Activities for Tet at Provincial Museum and Provincial Library held

18/01/2023 10:34

(BNP) – Joining the atmosphere to welcome the new year of the whole country, at the Provincial Museum and the Provincial Library, many interesting activities were held to serve the people to enjoy the Spring and celebrate the joyful and warm New Year.

Booths to experience program "Spring in the Quan ho region" at the Provincial Museum.

Provincial Museum organized the program "Joying the Lunar New Year - Spring travel in Quan Ho region" including the following activities: Thematic exhibition "Buddhist cultural heritage in Bac Ninh province".

Along with the program "Spring travel in Quan Ho region", the Provincial Museum arranged 9 booths to serve visitors to visit and experience such as: Re-enacting the space of Tet and festivals in Quan Ho region; Performance and exchange Quan ho culture, Tet market, folk games...

At the Provincial Library, a book gallery, the New Year newspaper in 2023 was held to introduce nearly 700 copies of books, with a variety of topics: Glorious Party, Great Uncle Ho, and briefly introduce the history of formation, operation process, leadership lines, policies and achievements of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the past 93 years.

Exhibition of books and Spring newspapers is open to readers until the end of February 2023.

By T.L