Number of newly established enterprises increases by 15.5%

01/12/2022 10:10

(BNP) - According to a report by the Department of Planning and Investment, in 11 months, the province had 2,443 newly established enterprises (up 15.5% over the same period in 2021) with a total registered capital of more than VND 20,036 billion. The average registered capital of a newly established enterprise was VND 8.2 billion. Among which, the rate of online business registration applications reached 97.75%, ranking fifth in the country.

Manufacturing components at Intops Vietnam Co., Ltd (Yen Phong Industrial Park).

Also in 11 months, the province had 792 enterprises registered to operate again, up 24.1%; 1,409 enterprises registered to suspend operations, up 46.01%; 291 enterprises carried out voluntary dissolution procedures, an increase of 44.05%; 304 enterprises converted their operation type, an increase of 13.4%.

Accumulated up to now, there are 19,270 enterprises in the province with a total registered charter capital of more than VND 338,937 billion. Among which, 17,930 enterprises are operating with a total charter capital of more than VND 329,348 billion; the average registered capital per enterprise was VND 18.4 billion.

In addition, 1,340 enterprises registered to suspend operations with a total charter capital of more than VND 9,588 billion; issued a decision to revoke the certificate of enterprise registration for 3,463 and notice requesting report for 73 enterprises proposed by the tax authority.

By P.H